Rainwater collected in your tank may be used for watering lawns and gardens, washing vehicles, laundering clothes or flushing toilets.  Some residents rely on tank water for their daily eating, drinking and cleaning needs as they are not connected to the reticulated water supply.

The nature of rainwater is variable due to the fact that it is not treated and is affected by external factors such as air-borne pollutants, animal droppings on the roof and leaf matter from overhanging trees.  Rainwater tends to be slightly acidic, which can lead to corrosion of plumbing fittings and a slight metallic taste to the water over time. A layer of sediment and organic matter can build up in the bottom of the tank and may need to be removed.

Testing parametres

We offer a detailed water analysis suite which includes microbiological and chemical parameters. We compare the analysis results with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG) values and highlight any exceedances over the health and aesthetic guideline values.
  • Health guideline values indicate levels that will affect human health.
  • Aesthetic guideline values indicate levels at which the concentration of a particular parameter may be noticeable in taste, odour, colour or behaviour of the water, but will have no adverse effect on human health.
The ADWG includes over 250 chemical and microbiological parameters. We have selected a range of tests which give an overall indication of the quality of the water at a reasonable cost. For an extra fee, additional parameters can be added if required. Alternatively we can customise an analysis suite and report that better suits your needs.

Sampling your tank water

We can sample your tank, however it is more economical to collect the sample yourself.  We can provide you with the appropriate sample containers, a sterile bottle for the microbiological tests and a non-sterile plastic bottle for the chemical tests. These are free and can be collected from our laboratory or posted to you for a nominal fee.

When taking the sample, it is very important to follow the instructions provided especially for the microbiological tests, so that no contamination occurs.  We recommend that samples are chilled after collection and delivered to our laboratory on the same day. You will also need to complete a Sample Submission Form to submit with your water samples.

A final report will be available within 10 working days.

Please contact us for further information or submit an enquiry.