Customer handing over a sample at SAS Laboratory front counterSample containers and sample collection

Scientific Analytical Services (SAS Laboratory) has an experienced sampling team that can look after your sampling needs.

If you would prefer to collect the samples yourself, you can obtain free sample containers from our laboratory located in Darra.

Check the sample container guide or contact us for information about which container to use and how to fill it.

Samples should be chilled as soon as possible after collection and delivered to our laboratory within 24 hours with a completed Sample Submission Form.

Submitting samples for analysis

  1. Complete a Sample Submission Form.
  2. Deliver samples and completed form to us between 7.00am and 6.00pm, Monday to Friday (except public holidays). If you are unable to get the samples to us within these times, please contact us to discuss options.
  3. Please let us know at the time of delivery or via the Sample Submission Form if the samples may be hazardous (for example if there is the potential for the release of noxious gases when acidified). This will ensure the safety of the laboratory staff and prevent delays to the analysis.